Contestant Profile
Survivor Career
Survivor: Siberia
Tribe(s): Irkutsk
Finish: 7/18
Votes Against: 9
Days Lasted: 33
Survivor: All-Stars
Tribe(s): Aberdeen
Finish: 14/20
Votes Against: 11

Zepp, or Zepphiu, was a contestant on Survivor: Siberia and is currently playing Survivor: All-Stars.

Siberia Edit

Zepp was chosen by Chris C in the captain's pick at the beginning of Siberia and joined the Irkutsk tribe. The tribe won six immunity challenges and did not attend Tribal Council, but JP mutinied after the trust rankings were revealed.

After the merge and on the Vodka triba, Zepp was blindsided when his allies Jon and Entei were voted out. He teamed up with the former Kemerovo tribe of Alex, Jack and Steph to vote out Andrew. At the next vote Zepp aligned with the former Tomsk tribe to vote out Jack. Zepp won individual immunity at Final 8 after playing Touchy Subjects and a tiebreaker against Chris S.

He was voted out in Final 7 in a 5-2 vote and went to Ponderosa. Zepp ultimately voted for Chris S as winner of Siberia.

All-Stars Edit

All-Stars is underway.

Voting History Edit

Siberia Edit

Zepp's Voting History
Episode Zepp's
Voted Against
1 Irkutsk Tribe Immune
2 Irkutsk Tribe Immune
3 Irkutsk Tribe Immune
4 Irkutsk Tribe Immune
5 Irkutsk Tribe Immune
6 Irkutsk Tribe Immune
7 Nick -
8 Alex -
9 Andrew Andrew, Chris S, Dani, Nick
10 Jack -
11 Chris S -
12 Steph Alex, Chris S, Dani, Nick, Steph
Voted Out Day 33
Voted for Sole Survivor Chris S

All-Stars Edit

Zepp's Voting History
Episode Zepp's
Voted Against
1 Aberdeen Tribe Immune
2 Aberdeen Tribe Immune
3 Aberdeen Tribe Immune
4 Aberdeen Tribe Immune
5 Nicolas Arnold, Json, Ken, Nicolas
6 Glasgow Tribe Immune
7 Ken Alice, Arnold, Banner, Chris S, Json, Ken, Sass
Voted Out